This administrative-only screen can be used by system administrators and front-desk users to reserve blocks of courts in advance for specific club needs, e.g. court maintenance, lessons, club functions, etc.
You can reserve a block of courts for one specific day, or one or more courts for a series of days. You can reserve specific courts during this series of days, at specific times.

You start by entering the Event Name that will appear on the displayed/printed schedule.
Then you specify the Start and End Date for this particular reservation block. If using a range of days, then you can select specific days of the week within that range.
You then choose which courts to include as part of this block reservation.

If there are pre-existing reservations in any of the slots you are requesting, the system will disallow the block reservation from being saved, until the conflict is resolved.

From the grid at the bottom of the screen, you can select pre-existing reservations blocks to edit/resave, cancel and/or delete from the system entirely.

Block Reservation Scheduler screen