This is the Administrator/Front Desk Level version of the Main Scheduling Screen   

After you login, you are brought immediately to this screen, to the future-most date that you can make court reservations. For example if your club has a 72 hour advance reservation window, you will be brought to three days from today. You can change the displayed date through the three shortcut buttons, or the date dropdown box. You can change the starting time of the displayed reservation screen using the time of day dropdown box. The system main menu is contained in the drop-down box at the top center.

A user can reserve a court by selecting two to four consecutive time blocks. Rules for minimum and maximum reservation times, as well as concurrent reservations by one user, can be customized to your club's needs. A reservation can be cancelled by selecting the checkbox in the first cell of the reservation's time slot, and then clicking Submit.

There are three levels of user security: Administrator, Front Desk and User. Either Administrator or Front Desk can make or cancel reservations for other users, whereas a User level account can not. Administrative users can see the drop-down box in the lower-right hand corner showing a list of all members in the system, so they can make reservations for other members.

Main Scheduling Screen