Any system user can access this screen to put themselves on the waiting list for a particular day/time slot, assuming there is no current court availability for that time period. You can request a specific court type if you want. You can also enter a "don't bother after" date/time, if you know that you need to be aware of an available court by a specific time. For example, it's Saturday, and I'm trying to get a court for Monday evening. Unfortunately all the clay courts are already taken for Monday. I put myself on Monday's waiting list, but if nothing opens up by Sunday 7:00PM, don't bother - I'm already making other plans for Monday evening.

After any reservation cancellation within the system, there is an automatic evaluation of open waiting list requests to see if there might be a match between an existing waiting list request, and current system availability. If there is a match, the reservation is automatically booked, and a confirmation email is sent to the wait-listed user to inform them of the new reservation.

Waiting List Update screen